Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday Dinner at G.G.'s

This past Sunday my grandmother (Gaynell) or G.G. (great-grandma), as the kids call her, invited us over to her house for dinner. She has been a widow for over 20 years now and she loves to have “company” at her house. She is very a very independent person. I don’t know how she does it. She just turned 89 last month and is still going strong. She drives anywhere she needs to go and she has a beautiful home.

I have been blessed at the ability to make pretty darn good homemade biscuits from watching Gaynell make them. Unfortunetly, she didn't make any of her own for this dinner. It was cornbread and rolls! I am proud to say that my cornbread is even better than my biscuits. I owe it all to G.G. :)

Katelynn helping G.G. put the ice in the glasses for tea.

Katelynn is such a big helper!

It’s funny because I have always called my mom’s parents by their real names. Gaynell and Butch. I never called them grandma or grandpa or anything else. It’s funny how that is sometimes. My other grandparents were grandmamma and granddaddy. Since Butch and Gaynell always lived very close by, I was extremely close to them both. My other grandparents always lived in another state, so I wasn’t near as close to them.

Butch died when I was 15 and it was the first real loss I remember feeling. My dad’s mom (grandmamma) died when I was 5 or so, so I really don’t remember any of those emotions and again, they were sort of like strangers anyway. I remember that I could not even look at Butch at his funeral. I really don’t regret it. It was something I couldn’t do and thank goodness, no one forced me.
Gaynell and Butch’s only child was my mom, Judy. My mom died almost 3 years ago and that is the BIGGEST loss I have ever experienced. I will talk about that some other time. So, that leaves me and my sister to “look after” Gaynell. I just hope that if I am blessed to live as long as G.G., and have a fraction of the energy she continues to have.

G.G. may need just a little bit of help every now and then.

Our oldest, Jonathan (19) ate a little too much, it seems.

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