Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apple Noisemaker Craft

Letter of the Week - Letter A

You will need: paper plate (painted the day before), construction paper, scissors, stapler, glue, clips and dry beans (something to make noise).

1. Paint the paper plate with red paint the day before.

2. Try not to eat the paint!

3. Cut a white sheet of construction paper in a circle, fold and cut in half for the inside of the apple. Add some "seeds" from black construction paper.

4. Glue the apple two apple core pieces in place, as above.

5. Fold plate in half and hold with clips. Staple around edges to hold together. Leave a small opening at one corner.

6. Pour beans into opening and finish stapling closed.

Apple noisemaker!

Katelynn decided she was going to try a bean and decided that they are much better cooked. Watch little ones for possible choking hazard. Katelynn still has the noisemaker and it's been about a week. She loves shaking it and dances around. She has since picked the "seeds" off though!

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