Monday, February 2, 2009

Letter "A" Craft Ideas

Letter of the Week - Letter A

Apple Tree- Katelynn decided that some of her apples were falling off her tree.

Ants at the Picnic - Katelynn and I used our fingerprints to make the ants and I added the body parts with a pen.

Pasta Art - First I let Katelynn color the letter A as she pleased and then I put globs of glue on the paper and she put the pasta where she wanted.

Apple Prints - I cut an apple in half and let Katelynn use it to print on paper. She decided a hand print was appropriate, too.

Toilet Paper Angel - "A" is for angel. Can you tell which one is Mommy's and which one is Katelynn's. She had a ball with this one.

Apple Shaker - This is from a previous post, but it was fun to make and believe it or not, she still shakes it.

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